Illustrated Guide To Grilling: Australia

As part of Grilling Month on Food Republic, we asked our go-to illustrator David Navas and his wife, writer Judy Cantor-Navas, to take us on a world tour of grilling. While we Americans like to think that we have a trademark on barbecue culture, throwing meat on a grill over fire is a global phenomenon. Still, that's no reason for you to have to look at more boring photographs of steaks and flames. Instead, let's take a more artful look at how different people interact with their grilled meats.


Also Known As: The barbie

What's Grilled: Standards are snags (sausages), lamb, medium-cooked steaks, crayfish (lobster) and shrimp. Domestic species like kangaroo, emu and crocodile can end up on the barbie too. Australia Day, held annually on January 26, is one of the country's biggest grilling holidays.

Setup: Aussie barbecue culture embraces everything from coal kettles and hooded carts to huge gas barbecue islands. The bigger the better for serving a crowd.

Sides: Barbecue roasted potatoes, Pavlova for dessert.

Sauce: Chili sauce, mustard, tomato relish

Drink: Boag's Draught, Coopers Pale Ale, Cascade Lager, White Rabbit Cider

Grill-side style: Chef aprons and shorts. Shirt optional.

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