Photos: Cochon 555 In San Francisco

Cochon 555 is a 10-city tour that is lardcore to the core. It's a type of offal exhibition rarely seen outside of a Fergus Henderson birthday party. At each of the stops, five local chefs compete with one goal in mind — to cook every last morsel of a particular breed of heritage hog, like Red Wattle, Hampshire and Berkshire.

On Sunday, five local chefs hit the The Fairmont for an epic nose-to-tail throwdown. Those chefs include Traci Des Jardins (Jardiniere), Jason Fox (Commonwealth), Nico Borzee (Bouche), Anthony Strong (Locanda) and Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water). And the winner is... See below!

Pre-event chef's meeting: from left to right, Anthony Strong of Locanda, Nicolas Borzee of Boche, Traci Des Jardins of Jardiniere, Cochon 555 Founder Brady Lowe, Jason Fox of Commonwealth, and Matt Sigler and Thomas McNaughton of Salumeria.

Traci Des Jardins' torta de carnitas.

Chef Anthony Strong of Locanda puts final touches on his gelatina dish, a chilled offal salad with lemon and sorrel.

Jason Fox's pork loin grilled over cedar, with soubise cromesquis and pickled mustard seed.

Matt Sigler finishes a dish with broth.

David Budworth of Marina Meats begins the butcher demo.

Thomas McNaughton (left) of Flour + Water. Winner!