The Wish List: Travel Edition

If you enjoy good food and wine, chances are you also like to travel. That's why Food Republic is constantly bringing you the best places to eat and drink in every corner of the world, from Montreal to Hanoi.

Planning a quick weekend getaway for a much needed break for your daily routine, or treating your inner vagabond to an extended vacation? Mastering the tips of traveling in style just got seriously simplified. With these crave-able new items, you'll look and feel ready for every adventure — even if it's just a business trip.

Any outfit will get an instant upgrade with a Canali Water-Resistant Travel Blazer. Yes, the price tag is a little steep, but this is a staple that won't go out of style, and because it's wrinkle-free and water-resistant, it'll have you equipped even if you packed light. Check it out, along with sharp new accessories and practical necessities, below.

Canali Water-Resistant Travel Blazer, $1100 on Mr. Porter

Tumi Drur Extended Trip Packing Case, $795 at Tumi

Snow Peak Flask Titanium, $125 at Snow Peak

Snow Peak Titanium Cutlery, $32.95 at Snow Peak

Apolis Global Travel Bundle, $120 at Apolis Global

Jet Bag, 3 pack $15 at Jet Bag

Switch Modular Pocket Knife, $40 at Think Geek