New Food Magazine Alert: White Zinfandel

Naturally, New York City's first annual food book fair was right up our alley. Not that we don't get enough food-lit sent to our office, but walking into the fair and flipping through the books and publications got my heart racing. One particular magazine that stood out was White Zinfandel, a experimental bi-annual publication by W/—Project Space, in collaboration with architects Leong Leong. The self-styled "visual manifestation of food and culture produced within the lives of creative individuals" contains pages upon pages of striking photography and cutting-edge content.

The magazine's inaugural issue is a tribute to artists Gordon Matta-Clark, Caroline Goodden and Tina Girouard's seventies-era Bohemian establishment, "Food." The issue focuses on the utopian artist enclave which provided food for artists prepared by artists and became a nerve center for the NYC art scene in the mid-seventies. Warhol was a regular.

Issue two is inspired by a longstanding American tradition, TV dinners. "As an archetype and common denominator of Western pop culture, the TV dinner spans our collective nostalgia with conflicting sensations of comfort and disgust," states White Zinf's website. Not sold yet? Then look out for the third issue, set to be released this later this year. The focus? Food fights, Chinatown gang wars and food production politics. That's right, Chinatown gang wars and food fights. What more could you ask for? Get excited.

You can buy a copy here. Cheers, White Zinfandel!

White Zinfandel's inaugural issue

TV dinners and cheap sunglasses go hand in hand

TV dinners

Stella McCartney meets yams

Honey butter yams