Scents, Humor And Philanthropy: ManCans

Who would have thought that the brainchild behind ManCans, a cleverly-branded line of candles in scents like NY Style Pizza, Coffee and (of course) Bacon would be a 14-year-old boy?

Hart Main founded his company a little over a year ago, with the idea of creating candles that men would actually buy, in scents they'd actually want to smell. Drawing on resourcefulness and a keen social awareness, Main packages his products in recycled soup cans, the contents of which first go to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. To date he has sold over 24,000 ManCans.

The cans themselves don't need much else besides a simple white label to get the products' point across. As for the scents, ManCans avoids the after-shave route and instead look to classic, nostalgia-inducing notes, such as the woody embers of a campfire or the new leather of a baseball mitt. The collection changes according to the season and availability, with Cigar as the newest addition.

A product that boasts a simple look and a big social impact, ManCans appeal to more than just your sense of smell.

$9.50 each, available for sale at select retailers throughout the U.S., and also online.