The Ultimate Room Service Cart

Depending on the hotel, room service breakfast can be a satisfactory necessity for a start to the day or a decadent indulgence best enjoyed in one's pajamas. At The Palm in Dubai, or Courchevel's the Cheval Blanc, you'll know what you're in for as soon as your chef rolls in with his breakfast trunk, a compact mobile kitchen outfitted with a La Cornue burner and all the trappings one needs for preparing a morning meal, table or bedside.

Crafted by the Moynat, one of France's oldest luxury trunkmakers, the one-of-a-kind haute breakfast trunk is the elaborate design of the Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno, in collaboration with Moynat's creative director, Ramesh Nair. Take a look at the photos, but don't be surprised if you start craving a freshly made omelet served right at your door. (More details below.)

Besides its classic art-deco motif, the trunk bears chef Alléno's initials. A black granite countertop features a La Cornue stove burner.

The kitted-out cart swings open to reveal its 20-plus storage compartments, and easily accessible cooking utensils.

Eight months of design development went into the project before production actually began — an effort that clocked over 1,000 hours of labor. And it shows.

Besides the usual Moynat characteristics, like its trademark art deco motif and saddle-stitched leather handles, the six-wheeled breakfast trunk features 28 trunk clamps, three double-hinged sections that open on two sides, over 20 drawers and compartments containing cooking utensils and cutlery, a croissant basket, milk jug and white table linens, while plates, carafes, cups and glasses arrive secured behind leather straps. As further proof that a top toque had his hand in this design, one side of the trunk — where the chef stands — is concave.

The elaborateness of such an upscale creation is undeniable. Its craftsmanship and innovative spin on the usual room service routine is brilliant. Moynat's breakfast trunk will also be available at other hotels where Chef Alléno presides, including The Shangri-La in Beijing and the Royal Mansour in Marrakech.