Cook Good, Look Good

Handsome chefs around world have created new standards for who rules the kitchen.  Traditionally, we think of savory demi-glace and gourmet macadamia oils are just for women but with sizzling hot chefs like Curtis Stone, Tyler Florence and Sam Talbot, men are about to change your perception about how much they really know about what women know.

Back in the day, men had three bathroom products that included soap, water and Brut while the ladies had counters of lipstick, powder and paints.  Today, men are more savvy about what they use on their face and their choice in available products has followed. With ultra premium ingredients like peppermint oil and Vitamin E, men these days protect their lips with Menaji Lip Agent lip balm for everything from gusty winds to a dozen wings doused in Frank's Red Hot.  We know the secret to perfectly cooked ribs depends on the marinate or rub – well, apparently there is a similar process for a perfect face. Men's skincare expert Michele Probst suggests exfoliating with a medley of sea kelp, organic lime oil and ginseng to deep clean and remove dead skin cells for a radiant complexion. For those who prefer ready-to-use ingredients, this recipe is also available in a user friendly, pre-mixed tube called the Menaji Face and Body Scrub.

Staying good looking requires catching more zz's than the typos on your iPhone. While traveling, skip the Starbucks and head to a local coffee shop and ask the barista for the perfect Gibraltar – a little taller than a macchiato, but shorter than a latte. And for the caffeine shy, try the chamomile-infused 911 Eye Gel to get maximum depuffing action and that instant pick me up.

Not all men know that much about beauty but the ones who do, can probably cook their asses off too.