Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

It's funny how the James Beard Awards can make for one tasty week. Actually, it makes pretty good sense. On top of attending the awards — and spending some quality time with nominees and winners — we beat up a chicken, which we found goes nicely with champagne (as does grilled lobster...and ramps, quite frankly).

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  2. How to Navigate The World Of Haute Coffee
  3. Video: Christina Tosi, Before She Was Famous
  4. The Art of Champagne, Artfully Illustrated
  5. Wake Up, Food Television Execs! So Says Chris Cosentino.
  6. Smoked Crack-Back Chicken
  7. Video: Paul Qui Has Big Plans For His Winnings
  8. Ted Allen Had A Pretty Good Week
  9. And The James Beard Award Goes To...
  10. Simple Grilled Whole Lobster
  11. In Defense Of Ramps
  12. 10 Grilling Traditions Around The World