At Monday’s James Beard Awards, we hit the red carpet to find out how chefs like Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless and Duff Goldman are spending their Mother’s Day. Some are working. Some are celebrating. And some are siding up to a plate of their mother’s warm chicken salad.

1. Thomas Keller
Working the Mother’s Day brunch shift is sort of  drudgery for the chef. What was this like for you?
The restaurants I always worked at were closed on Sundays, so I benefited from that and spent time with my mother.

What was that typically like?
Mother’s Day is all about the beginning of the day. I think about breakfast as a time for celebration. Eggs with caviar, toast and freshly squeezed orange juice.

2. Duff Goldman
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
Here’s the thing. Mother’s Day to me, right now, is getting to spend time with my mom. This is going to sound terrible, but because my life is so hectic, the best thing that I can do is show up.

No, I hear you.
My mom is a Jewish mom, so she likes to cook for people. This is going to sound weird, but the best thing I can do is to let her cook for me. That makes her the happiest. She doesn’t want me to cook for her, because, first of all, she is a better cook than me.

Was she an ace on the pastry side?
My grandmother had an amazing strudel recipe, which was passed down. And my family was like “it’s a secret family recipe” and then I did it on the Food Network. So my grandmother will probably have some words for me when that time comes.

3. Rick Bayless
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
It’s not what you want to hear. It’s my daughter’s 21st birthday and I’m throwing a huge party.

So she’s never had a margarita up until this moment, right?
Prooooooooobably not (laughing).

What is on the menu?
In my world, when you celebrate a momentous birthday we throw a huge party. I have a pit in my backyard, so in that pit I am doing suckling pigs with fresh tortillas and habanero salsa. And one of my favorite pastry chefs in the world, Mindy Segal, is doing the cake. So it’s going to be super cool.

4. April Bloomfield
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

I think that I will be taking the day off.

What did you make for your mother on Mother’s Day?
Lots of tea and cake. Scones, clotted cream, jam and all that lovely stuff that moms want to eat. 

5. Eric Bromberg
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

It’s our annual pilgrimage to Jersey. The funny thing is that it’s our return to how we learned to cook. It’s utterly simple, good clean food.

What time do you get there?
It’s an early, early dinner — it starts at 1 and goes until 7:30. 

What is on the menu?
Warm chicken salad, a perfect egg salad, bread from the bakery. It’s really about simple food. 

6. Michael White
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
I’m waking up and will be making something for my wife, because she is always taking care of the husband. Then I will head to the restaurants and say hello to some people.

Mother’s Day brunch is kind of one of the worst days of the year to work in the restaurant industry. Agree?
Absolutely. It’s ongoing. But for me, now that I have worked for 23 years, I don’t have to stay. So I’ll cruise by Ai Fiori, Marea, [Osteria] Morini. It’s great to see all the best-friend mother and daughters. And then you see the dysfunctional families, who are “like, get me the hell out of here, I need a drink.”

7. Jamie Bissonnette
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
Working brunch.

Whoa, you’re the only person here working!
I love working brunch because I love cooking eggs. They are my favorite food. It’s going to be a busy one, so I have to make it right. And secondly, if I work brunch a couple times a month, my staff can’t complain about working brunch.

What’s on your menu?
I’m not sure about it, but we’ll figure it out in the next couple days. Right now I am more concerned about not throwing up on the red carpet.

8. Michael Anthony
How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
I’ll be making something for my wife to show her some extra love and attention. We’ll probably do some omelets. 

Have you worked some Mother’s Day shifts?
Looking back, there weren’t many I didn’t work. It’s a really busy day in the restaurant.

9. Michael Chiarello
We hear you have big plans for your wife?
Yes! In addition to hiring two masseuses for my wife and several of her friends, I’ll be preparing vitello tonnato and whole-poached California King salmon with olive oil–poached asparagus and watercress and caper aioli.

Happy Mother’s Day to all from Food Republic!