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Drew Barrymore gets in on the wine game, but we're more interested in the label. Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One adapted a Barrymore family crest to showcase the vino; the first release is a pinot grigio. More after the jump.



Barrymore Pinot Grigio is actress Drew Barrymore’s tribute to her wine-loving family. Supposedly, the stuff’s not bad, as indicated by the gold medal it nabbed in the French Le Challenge International du Vin competiton, but as is always the case with wine you’ve seen but haven’t sipped yet, it was the label that caught our eye.

Designed by famed art provocateur Shepard Fairey through his firm Studio Number One, the newly released wine features a Barrymore family crest to lend a certain feeling of heritage to the bottle.

You can find Barrymore Pinot Grigio for $16.99 at K&L Wines and other wine retailers.