Photos: Cochon 555 In Los Angeles

Cochon 555 is a 10-city tour that is lardcore to the core. It's a type of offal exhibition rarely seen outside of a Fergus Henderson birthday party. At each of the stops five local chefs compete with one goal in mind—to cook every last morsel of a particular breed of heritage hog like Red Wattle, Hampshire and Berkshire.

On Sunday, five local chefs hit the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. for an epic nose-to-tail throwdown. Those chefs include Chad Colby of Mozza, Ben Ford of Ford's Filling Station, Neal Fraser of the Strand House, Grace & BLT, Jason Neroni of Superba Snack Bar, and Micah Wexler of Mezze. See below for the winner, crowned Price of Pork Los Angeles.

A range of offerings from Team Superba, lead by Jason Neroni.

Chad Colby (Mozza) seasons his pasta. Pork was invovled.

La Quercia bacon bouquets.

This is the type of thing that goes down at Cochon 555.

The hotdog course from The Strand House.

Micah Wexler (far right) and team from Mezze (including Winston, their mascot).

Ben Ford accepts the title of Prince of Pork Los Angeles.