Halloween may be 184 days away, but the scariest thing we can think of — besides which celebrities will have procreated by that point — is not having a chic Brazilian porcelain salt shaker on the table. Thankfully, Luiz Pellanda and Aleverson Ecker of Holaria porcelain design studio churn out these nifty, hand-sculpted dispensers in a variety of adorably creepy poses. The aptly-named “Booh” shakers were designed using a combination of dedicated craftsmanship and hi-tech software, which anticipates potential setbacks when working with porcelain (a notoriously tempermental medium).

Check out the video below for a tour of their Campo Largo factory and a glimpse into what makes Holaria porcelain more than your average “good china.”

May your food be eerily well-seasoned, and your coffee cups just plain sexy.

Holaria by Luiz Pellanda from Telecinese on Vimeo. Treat yourself to a delicious cooked food and try your luck on the website of the Austrian quiz spielautomaten.