Food Republic Grilling Month Begins!

Today is May 1, which marks the kickoff of the Food Republic Month Of Grilling. For 31 days, we'll add to our usual programming to dig deep on a subject we all hold close to our hearts — the cooking of meats (and vegetables, sometimes) over an open fire (and gas, sometimes).

Over the month, we'll be offering pro tips from people like Tim Love and Pat LaFrieda and recipes for the perfect pork chop marinade. We'll be rounding up great beers for the backyard, the best wood for smoking, 8 favorite tube steaks and how to do your own beer can chicken and not feel awkward about it. Plus, burgers. We'll never forget the burger.

To get you in the mood, here is some meat porn from our weekend trip to Lockhart, Texas (full recap soon). We've been inspired by the big boys at Black's and Smitty's! So eat that salad today and prepare for a month of meat sweats.

Sausage smoking at Black's in Lockhart, Texas

Ribs and brisket meeting their fate at Black's

The dining room wall at Black's

Brisket, sausage and ribs. All beef all day.

Sausage and brisket at Black's.

The fire pit at Smitty's.

Sausage at Smitty's.