Photos: Cochon 555 In Washington D.C.

Cochon 555 is a 10-city tour that is lardcore to the core. It's a type of offal exhibition rarely seen outside of a Fergus Henderson birthday party. At each of the stops five local chefs compete with one goal in mind—to cook every last morsel of a particular breed of heritage hog like Red Wattle, Hampshire and Berkshire.

On Sunday, five chefs hit the Liaison Hotel where Scott Drewno of The Source took the completion for the second straight year. Some of his winning dishes included pig's blood custard served with a pork skin broth, char siu belly and pig's ear streusel. His nose-to-tail dim sum blowout featured pork potstickers, chow feung made from the pig's heart and wonton soup made from kidney and head meat. The other competitors included Nicholas Stefanelli (Bibiana), Ed Witt (701), Mike Isabella (Graffiato) and Wes Morton (Art and Soul). Congrats to Scott. Photos by Huge Galdones.

Ed Witt and Team 701.

The offerings from Team Bibiana.

The chefs toast to a healthy competition.

The offerings from Team Art and Soul.

Scott Drewno's team plating for the judges.

The meaty cocktail from Team 701.

The crowd awaits the announcement of a winner.

Scott Drewno is the winner!