In Support: Sandwiches On Raisin Bread

Once in a while, I wake up and don't know what to eat for lunch. It's okay though — it comes to me along my commute. Occasionally, however, it doesn't. That's when I break out my secret weapon: the elevator. If by the time I get to the 3rd floor I haven't thought of what to eat for lunch, I'm in trouble.

So it was today. And then I saw a sign for the newest offering from the 6th floor snack cart: a pepper turkey panini with aged cheddar and chipotle mayo on raisin bread. I love that elevator. (Observing someone in there drinking a Shamrock Shake for breakfast gave me the idea for avocado smoothies. It also killed my annual craving for Shamrock Shakes.)

I used to feel sorry for kids at school who brought in sandwiches other than PB&J on raisin bread — their moms clearly didn't know that cinnamon and the grossest dried fruit of them all make for terrible sandwiches. I was obsessed with bologna at the time, a sandwich filling that happens to not pair with raisin bread. I've since grown up and realized, like fruit and cheese make an incredible sandwich, raisin bread really is a foolproof way to lame-proof your lunch.

While some folks in our office building might check out the new menu and think: ew, chipotle mayo and turkey on raisin bread. I welcome the change-up. Go out on this glorious April Monday, procure the best loaf of raisin bread you can find (cinnamon, nuts and other dried fruit are all welcome to the party) and prepare to shun 9-grain and rye for a while:

The logical:

The somewhat adventurous:

Don't argue, just eat (and thank me after):

Regular bread will be waiting for you when you get back. It's reliable like that.