The Wish List: Hunting Edition

Lately we've been spotting a lot of guys around Brooklyn who look like they're getting ready to go on a hunting trip. This despite the fact that most hunting seasons don't kick off til fall. Never mind. Whether you're heading out to bag your own turkey, deer or elk, or if you're just hunting that seasonal special at a hot restaurant, it never hurts to look good doing so.

Of course, if you really are heading out into the wild, follow that important piece of advice and be prepared. The Metolius Exchange-A-Blade by Gerber combines three popular blades: the E-Z Open, Utility Saw and Fine Edge Drop Point. Also check out the Military's official survial guide for all sorts of wild(life) tips and tricks. Our favorite chapter, Food Procurement, is jam-packed with tips on what wildlife you can eat, and how to avoid being eaten!

Barbour Bourne Camo jacket, $399

Uniqlo Crew neck Orange Tshirt, $5.90

Beams Plus Cotton blend Cargo Pant, $240

Gerber Gear Metolius Exchange-A-Blade, $74

J Crew Abingdon Backpack, $138

Official Military Survival Manuel FM-21-76, $6.99

Eton Raptor Solar Charge Radio, $99.99

Websites for featured items:

  1. J Crew X Barbour
  2. Uniqlo
  3. Beams Plus @ Mr. Porter
  4. Gerber
  5. J Crew
  6. Department of Army Field Manual @ Army Navy Outfit
  7. Eton @ Home Depot