A Non-Discriminatory 420 Fridge Raid

I felt a little vulnerable yesterday after I revealed the unabashedly rotting delicacies I age in my fridge. Now nobody in the office will sit near me. Maybe it was just paranoia (for no reason), but I'm pretty sure someone in the subway wrinkled their nose in my general direction. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

Anyways, there's other weird stuff in my fridge, all of which is in danger when non-discriminatory munchies kick in. Today is 4/20 after all (cough, cough). This becomes problematic if you cook as much as I do. If you're still avoiding me because I eat natto, here's a distraction or two:

  • Pickled lotus roots
  • Jar of eensy-weensy salted shrimp
  • Black salt-preserved lemons (black being the most sulfuric of the salts)
  • Duck eggs
  • Giant bottle of Korean barley water
  • Portuguese blood sausage
  • Bottarga (pressed dried fish roe, usually grated over pasta like cheese)
  • At least three half-used jars of tomato sauce with celebrity chefs' faces on them (thanks, PR folks!)
  • My roommate's turkey bacon (come on, that's not grosser than old cheese?)
  • Liquid rennet, which makes the best ricotta
  • Several plums my folks mailed me from their tree in California (not weird, just very nice and worth shouting out)

  • Whipped Lightning Whipahol in Tropical Passion

Now that you've seen the normal side of my fridge, I'm heading to Food Republic's secret test kitchen location to grill just about everything that can be grilled. Today's fire can be contained by no Bic lighter.