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We’re really into Instagram, a social network that’s like Flickr for your phone. You may have read that Facebook just bought them out for a cool billion bucks. Like Zuckerberg, we’ve been fans for a hot minute. Why? Because it’s really simple: users post photos, made cooler with filters, and follow their friends who do the same. And like Facebook and Twitter, we are all about updating our account — specifically for documenting the great things we’re eating and drinking in our New York hometown or on the road. Think lamb neck soup, oysters at Nobu, Koreatown takeout and a plate of well-oiled boquerones.

We’ve also found that chefs are into Instagram too, having in the past handed our accounts over to Tom Collichio, Stephanie Izard and the dudes at Animal in Los Angeles. This weekend we’re at it again with New York City chef Andrew Carmellini. After running the kitchen at Café Boulud for several years, Andrew went on to open wildly popular Italian (Locanda Verde) and regional-American (The Dutch) restaurants in New York (there’s also a Dutch in Miami Beach). As for what to expect from this weekend’s takeover? “The in-laws are in town,” he says while mentioning a weekend reservation at Corton. “There will be a long run on Saturday and 25-mile bike ride on Sunday.” He also plans to dine at one of his restaurants, as a guest, which he says is pretty rare these days. Tune in for this and more!