Photos: 'Eat With Your Hands' Book Party

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Last night we helped throw our man Zakary Pelaccio the first-ever psychedelic food book release party in the history of book release partying, at the PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. The Fatty Crew mastermind and Food Republic's The Alimentary Canal columnist booked the band Woods to perform two sets (one acoustic, one with more plugged-in psychedelic jams). And the book! It's called Eat With Your Hands. It's really great. There's even music recommendations to go along with the dishes. Psychedelic music. Here are some photos of the action from Gabi Porter (click on the first one to view as a slideshow).

'Eat With Your Hands' author Zakary Pelaccio.

Woods performing during their first set.

Left-to-Right: Jori Jayne Emde, Seamus Mullen, April Bloomfield, Zakary Pelaccio.

Food Republic Editorial Director Richard Martin.

Food Republic Editors Matt Rodbard and Jess Kapadia.

This hog lived a good life. Died for a delicious cause.

'Eat With Your Hands' is available now.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hudson Pelaccio on drums.

A shout out to Tiger Beer (x 3).

Evening in Dumbo.

A shout out to Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky.

Zakary Pelaccio addressing the crowd.

Woods performing during a second set.

After the party is the after party at Gran Electrica.