Wendy's Fish Sandwich

The first thing I noticed about this sandwich was the bun; it had a roll-like quality, like it earnestly aspired to emulate its ciabatta cousin. Which is not to say that it had any taste, but it wasn’t doughy and weird like a Subway roll, and it was fairly innocuous. What’s most distinctive about the taste of this sandwich is that the filet crust, made with panko, has a real crunchy texture with a smoky flavor that recalls a well-baked piece of Gorton’s. And I don’t say that as pejorative. The tartar sauce is more like a Russian dressing with some scant pickle in it. Not bad. And the fish itself is evident, which is a good start, and although it doesn’t taste like much, there’s an essence of fish, without being fishy. Star rating (out of 5): 3.5 | Price: $6.52 (for the meal)