McDonald's Filet-O-Fish

How anyone can eat just fish with bread and cheese, as the fish filet is normally served, is beyond me. The added pickle and lettuce makes it a meal for me, but after Wendy’s, I was sorely disappointed. First, the “steamed” bun (why are they so proud of steaming their buns?!) is so ludicrously spongy that I am sure old discarded McDonald’s buns are right now being repurposed as sponges in third world countries. As for the fish, well, the fillet is so thin, it’s hardly distinguishable from the highly processed crust. It’s just a sliver of friedness, with a stronger essence of fish taste than Wendy’s that is not exactly rank, but it doesn’t make me want to go yum. The tartar sauce is creamier than Wendy’s, and more convincing. But more than anything, I’m struck by how spongy and small the whole sandwich is. I am sure I could literally ball up the whole thing in one hand, and squeeze it down to the size of a walnut. (If there’s enough interest in this prospect, I’ll be happy to give it a go.) I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to order one of these things again. Star rating (out of 5): 1.5 | Price: $7.28 (for the meal)