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Until engineers master the perfect cocktail-slinging robot, our favorite in-home bar fixture remains the bar cart. Functional, yes. Humble? Hardly. Check out some of our favorite iterations of the classic drink trolley, from AvroKO’s shamelessly haute model for the Hong Kong eatery Lily & Bloom, featuring a LED-illuminated interior, to Skypak’s appropriation of an airline’s in-flight bar cart for your living room.

Mid-century minimalism inspires the streamlined simplicity of this walnut cart. By Roost. $1,490,

The best part of any flight is usually seeing the drink trolley come rolling down the aisle. With Skypak’s modern update, you can customize your own, both inside and out. Starting at $2,000,

This custom-made cart by the New Traditionalists is a sturdy, yet handsome, model with a top shelf that’s solid enough for your cocktail prepping needs. Price available upon request

AvroKO’s pimped-out drink trolley, shown here in teak wood. Starting at $10,000,

A sleek art-deco cart done right. By Ralph Lauren Home. $4,600,