Beta5 Easter Egg Chocolates

The chocolate filled Easter eggs from Vancouver's beta5 chocolates ride that fine line between food you want to display, and food you want to put in your mouth. From the egg carton packaging, to the metallic wrappers and no-frills labels, each layer is a cool take on the seasonal treat, right down to the realistic-looking orbs themselves.

And since chocolate is, above all else, something to enjoy, we were psyched to see this awesome stop-motion video highlighting the season's offering, set to the playful tuneage of Fischerspooner:

Given the six different types of chocolate pebble fillings inside—sun-dried cherries, caramel marcona almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, puffed cereal, and house-made pretzel bits—you'll be happy to finally crack these artful confections open, but not before giving them the admiration they deserve.

The shells are cast with two layers of chocolate, white and dark. To achieve the textured surface, a final layer of colored chocolate is sprayed onto the forms.

Eggs are hand-wrapped...

And presented in cartons.