Photos Of Peeps In The Wild

Observing Peeps in their natural environment — posing for the camera — is a favorite Easter pasttime of mine. Apparently, lots of people on Flickr share the same interest. I would have created a Peeps scene just for Food Republic, but Pat Bertoletti ate all mine in 30 seconds. Check out what some other Peeps are up to around this time of year.

Specialty Peep-attracting birdhouses are available for purchase. Price upon request.

A Peep's sushi craving indicates imminent demise.

Even non-edible Peeps aren't safe from the ravages of annual hankerings for something mouth-dryingly sweet.

Peep knights joust. But just for fun. I joust with toothpicks, too.

In case you've forgotten about the iconic Easter treat, the Peeps Bug should jog your memory. Can't miss it.

Peeps go on the kind of dates you wish you enjoyed. Psh, museums. Roller derby!

It's hard out there for a Peep.

Peeps leisurely participate in the very intense and little-referenced sport of curling.

Who knew? Peeps are the official candy of the Republican party. The primary should have tipped us off.

And sometimes, as it's been done throughout history, Peeps just up and kill each other. Nobody said candy was perfect.