Video: Man Eats 30 Peeps In 35 Seconds

You can microwave them until they explode, toast them over a campfire until they're palatable, and make them into an obscene little diorama while they're none the wiser. They're Peeps, those sugar-covered marshmallow devils that are easy to hate and hard to speed-eat. Unless of course you're packing a Master's in Gurgitation, like Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti.

Deep Dish, 27, is the world's #2-ranked competitive eater, a permanent fixture at Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest and enthusiastic rocker of the trademark "molestache"/mohawk combo. He travels the world seeking out that which is great to eat in massive quantities. He also happens to be a classically trained chef with a remarkable palate, made clear by his pizza blog and ever-present hunk of lardo in the fridge, and knows when he doesn't want to eat something. In this case, that something is Peeps, a prejudice he was willing to put aside when I challenged him to see how many he could scarf down in 30 seconds. I mean, look at the face he makes upon completion. The headline may have given away the precise number, but you'll have to see the video to believe it.

Patrick Bertoletti is a chef, proud sporter of the patented "molestache" and the #2-ranked competitive eater in the world. He lives in Chicago. Follow his eating adventures on Twitter at @DeepDishEats.