Our 10 Favorite Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies

When it comes down to it, celebrating Easter is really all about indulging in excessive amounts of adorably shaped chocolate. This holiday proves that nothing is more satisfying than biting off the ears of a rabbit, followed by as many of those bright foil-covered eggs as you can fit in your mouth.

But before you start destroying months of hard work on the part of chocolatiers, take a moment to admire their art. Trends like bacon-infusion are infiltrating Easter candy this year, and candy makers are even producing chocolate quail eggs to add a gourmet touch to the madness. Feast your eyes on their creations below and then, by all means, eat your way into a chocolate stupor in the name of Easter.

Éclat chocolatiers literally make their egg the basket that holds more eggs. Genius.

Every easter basket needs an impossibly large rabbit and Jacques Torres is ready to provide you with one. These smiling bunnies are over 2 feet tall and come in milk, white, and dark chocolate.

Melchior chocolates know that what you really want are truffles so they use their chocolate egg as vehicle to give you some.

Jacques Torres takes an Easter staple — Marshmallow Peeps — and covers them with fine Belgian milk or dark chocolate creating an Easter candy hybrid we can get behind.

These eggs from Cocoa West Chocolatier are sculpted (a.k.a melted) by the sun. Then the sun-made opening is filled with chocolate truffles.

Think Easter isn't complete without a chocolate bunny on a motorcycle? Conrad's Chocolates has got you covered.

This Easter we suggest you follow up your bacon and eggs brunch with bacon-infused candy. Vosgses' egg combines soft bacon caramel with 55% dark chocolate.

Vosges' chocolate rabbit has a savory surprise for you. This bunny is made out of 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and pink Himalayan salt.

Add a vintage touch to your Easter basket with these 62% solid Valhrona chocolate rabbits from John & Kira's.

For the egg gourmands, Knipschildt makes chocolate quail eggs out of white chocolate and milk chocolate nougatine.