Tracey Emin "Doggy Bag" For London's 34 Restaurant

The meat-centric restaurant 34 in the heart of London's über-posh Mayfair district boasts a "bespoke charcoal grill, imported from Argentina." So it's hardly surprising that they don't skimp on the details—right down to the doggy bags.

In a nod to steakhouses back in the colonies (um, America), 34 offers a take-away box designed by Tracey Emin. The sometimes-controversial charter member of the YBA's (Young British Artists, whose other breakout member was Damien Hirst) toned things down for the tony steak spot, painting a watercolor portrait of "Roxy," the Alsatian owned by Richard Caring, whose Caprice Holdings has 34 in its stable of restaurants.

Artist-designed doggie bags: an idea that we at Food Republic fully support.

34 Grosvenor Square, London, 020.3350.3434,

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