The Best New Eats Around Baseball

At Food Republic we're all big fans of America's pastime, not only because we love the sport (specifically the Mets, Rangers and Cubs), but because we're into serious game-time eating. It used to be that ballparks were home to stale popcorn and weeks-old Cracker Jack's. But as we all know, those days are long gone. Here are some of the new ballpark snacks we're most looking forward to trying this year.

Texas Rangers: Champion Dog

Everything really is bigger in Texas. This hotdog will set you back $26, but it's about two feet long (yes, you read that right) and should technically feed four people. It's topped with shredded cheese, chili, and sautéed onions. Vegetables! And if you order the dog at the Captain Morgan sports bar, it comes with its own cutting board. Rangers Ballpark

The New York Mets: Pastrachos

Devoted fans of Keith's Grill at Citi Field have long been hypnotized by the Keith Hernandez–endorsed Mex Burger (served with his favorite candy, Tootsie Rolls). For those looking to take a break from the patties (Shake Shack is also a popular stop), check out Pastrachos. Finally, a culinary marriage between pastrami and nachos. Corn tortilla chips are topped with New York pastrami, Swiss cheese sauce, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Mustache comb not included. Citi Field

Washington Nationals: The Strasburger

Let's just get right to the point: this burger weighs eight pounds. That sum includes toppings, but still. Eight pounds! This monster beef burger is a combination of ground brisket, chuck and short ribs and served on an oversized bun tricked out with American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sliced red onion, pickle chips and a secret sauce. And like any proper burger, it's served with fresh fries in a cone basket. The Strasburger is available at Red Porch above centerfield. Nationals Ballpark

Colorado Rockies: Colorado Queso

The state may be more abuzz about some guy named Peyton, but we were impessed to learn about the new additions to Coors Field this year, especially the Colorado Queso. These corn chips are served with spicy chorizo sausage and covered with Monterey jack and green chili cheese sauce. The queso is then topped with pico di gallo and sour cream. Luckily, we think you can track down a beer or two to go with this spicy, cheesy monster. Coors Field

The Los Angeles Angels: Arctic Nachos

In the offseason, the Angels acquired power slugger Albert Pujols for over $250 million. We're glad there was money left over to create the Arctic Nachos. First, the dessert (!) nacho chips are coated with cinnamon sugar, then topped with vanilla ice and smothered with chocolate and caramel sauce. Angels Stadium

Miami Marlins: Miami Shrimp Burger

Between LeBron James' lackluster performance in the NBA Finals and seeing Peyton Manning, who has a home there, wind up in Denver, it's been a tough year for Miami sports fans. Lucky, they have a re-jiggered franchise and a snazzy new ballpark to enjoy baseball in. We're excited about the seafood, specifically the Miami Shrimp burger. The pescatarian-friendly dish is served with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and a key lime aioli. Even more convenient for fans? You can order from your smartphone. Marlins Ballpark

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