10 Great Burgers Of The Week

With all the attention paid to burgers this week, we'd be remiss to skip over all the burgers that have inspired us up to this point. Burger of the Week is a Food Republic institution, fueled by all the great burgers that every great burger lover ever dreamed up. We've got a camel burger, a Singaporean burger, Turkey's burger answer to the French dip and so much more. Take a trip down Burger Lane (where we keep a weekend home) and let us know in the comments where we should head next.

1. Hotel Molokai's Loco Moco Burger

2. Memphis: Dyer's Deep-Fried Burger

3. Burger Deluxe's Bloody Mary Burger

4. Bobcat Bite's Green Chile Burger

5. Not A Turkey Burger. Turkey's Wet Burger!

6. Masak's Rendang Burger

7. Safari Express Camel Burger

8. Southern Hospitality's King Burger

9. Kuma's Corner Lair of the Minotaur Burger

10. Flip Burger Boutique's Pate Melt