Hotel Molokai's Loco Moco Burger

Too many people spend time trying to figure out what their last meal on earth will be. They should really be trying to figure out what they're going to eat for their first meal in heaven. I know what mine is: the Loco Moco at the Hula Shores restaurant in Hawaii's Hotel Molokai.

Most activities on Molokai focus on the incredible scenery, so whether you're hiking the ancient Halawa Valley or ocean kayaking along the coastline, you're going to need plenty of energy to get through the day and the venerable loco moco is more than happy to provide all the fuel you'll need. If the words loco moco mean nothing to you, then clearly you've never had breakfast (or been drunk) in Hawaii. It's a staple down there and can best be described as something of a down-home bibimbap.

It starts with a griddled burger on top of a heaping scoop of rice. Then comes a shower of brown gravy and a blanket of eggs (get them over easy for superior ooze). Pardon me, I just involuntarily mmm-ed. At Hula Shores, da big brudahs go the extra mile and order their loco moco with Auntie's fried rice instead of steamed rice. That's because the fried rice comes with Portuguese sausage, bacon and little bits of Spam mixed in. If you're keeping score at home, that's four different types of meat on your plate (assuming you count Spam as meat). More meat equals more flavor and when it comes to quantifiable flavor, this plate is off the charts. If you manage to eat the whole thing, I wish you luck on your marathon. If you're not about to run a marathon, I hope you're prepared for a nine-hour nap. With loco moco, you either work it off or it works you.

Molokai is known as the most Hawaiian island and since loco moco is the most Hawaiian breakfast, it only makes sense to come to the Hotel Molokai to grab their most excellent rendition of this classic. When you get down here, look out into the Pacific Ocean just steps from your table, take a deep breath, and say mahalo because you're about to have your first meal in heaven.

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