Photos: Cochon 555 In Boston

Cochon 555 is a 10-city tour that is lardcore to the core. It's a type of offal exhibition rarely seen outside of a Fergus Henderson birthday party. At each of the stops five local chefs compete with one goal in mind—to cook every last morsel of a particular breed of heritage hog like Red Wattle, Hampshire and Berkshire.

On Sunday the tour hit Boston where five local chefs showcased their nose-to-tail chops. Those include Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa and Toro, Tim Cushman of O Ya, Barbara Lynch of Menton, Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother and Steve Postal of Fenway Park (and the forthcoming Bravo show Around The World in 80 Plates).

And after the crispy pork skin particles settled, Bissonnette was crowned chamption with a hearty menu: pork belly pho, a banh mi made with coppa, kidney spread, head cheese, ham. Red curry pork skin, Vietnamese sausage and pig foot rillettes rounded out the offerings. Some people are eating salads this morning. Photos by Huge Galdones.

The Hungry Mother crew plates up for the judges.

L to R: Barry Maiden (Hungry Mother), Colin Lynch (Menton), Steve "Nookie" Postal (Fenway Park), Brady Lowe (Founder, C555), Barbara Lynch (Menton), Tim Cushman (O-ya) and Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa/Toro)

For dessert? How about fried pig bones.

The Menton Crew plates up for the judges.

Butcher Rick Lemay of Lemay & Sons.

Yes, this happened.

Jamie Bissonnette accepts the trophy.