Eating Rome, In 8 iPhone Photos

When Brooklyn photographer Sam Horine told us he was off to Rome on holiday, we knew it was time for another of Food Republic's Instagram Takeovers. Throughout the week, Horine will be sharing his exploits with Food Republic's own followers on Instagram, using the hashtag #FRItaly. If you're not signed up yet and/or not following us, it's easy to find us on Instagram. Once logged in, search for our username foodrepublic in the Find Friends menu. Here are some of Horine's shots from the weekend with the photographer's captions.

Beautiful 6 a.m. approach to FCO.

Pasta with shrimp and zucchini blossoms in a garlicky red sauce, paired with a fantastic house red.

Love how everyone wears suits all the time.

Best on a rainy afternoon!

I'll have one of everything please, kthxbai.

Amazing looking artichokes at the market this morning!

Bresaola + rocket lettuce = #yeahpizzayeah.

Pescheria di san cosimato.