Pizza Burgers Resurface

I vote for pizza burgers as a food trend of 2012. I don't mean smearing jarred sauce on a patty and covering it with shredded mozzarella and sliced pepperoni from resealable bags. Although since school lunch reform I could probably peddle those outside elementary schools for a sizable profit. I mean taking a really great pizza recipe (perhaps one of ours) and transferring it directly onto a burger.

It's a super simple concept I rarely see put into practice. You can switch up the cheese. Try smearing the top of the burger with ricotta and broiling briefly until browned on top. There will probably be more than one animal in your burger, depending on your pizza topping preferences, and the patty by no means has to be beef. You can even take it one step further by garlic breading your buns. I suddenly remember last month's test kitchen where we constructed burger after burger. And somehow, by some error on the part of the food gods (cause I'm totally not taking responsibility for it), we forgot the pizza burger. We all forgot the pizza burger. We are all responsible for remembering all the glorious kinds of burgers.

I implore you, aid me in the reversal of this karma so this titan of all-American mashups doesn't one day come back to haunt me. Like the next place I find serving pizza burgers running out of all pizza and burger-making ingredients right before I get there.

Really excellent pizzas that translate into burgers:

Stay tuned during lunchtime next week when we'll be running our officially sanctioned Food Republic-tested awesome classic burger recipes.