My Big Fat Greek Cat Photos

Our colleague Tom Roston wrote a very thoughtful examination on the astounding popularity of Greek yogurt and what it could mean for the devastated economy of Greece. We salute his intellectual, facts-driven critique about food brands and the complicated interplay with the European financial crisis. We also recognize the underdog theme behind the success of Chobani and its Turkish businessman owner Hamdi Ulukaya. In just five years his company has produced results better than General Mills and Dannon.

However, we'd be remiss not to uncover one key fact behind this story: cats really love Chobani. Look at all this evidence! A dog may be a man's best friend but has it discovered the power of added protein? Or that slightly sour yogurt is actually delicious? Or that Greek yogurt is actually more filling than their non-Hellenic counterparts. No, they're too busy running away from toy dinosaurs. Well done, Fluffy.

Imagine if Chobani had existed fifty years ago. Jerry would have never had to worry about Tom, and baby boomers' childhoods would have been totally different.