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Philips design has created a design probe that examines the future of food. The complex instrument investigates how we could be eating and sourcing food about 20 years from now. Current social trends are used to project future possibilites in the world of food and drink. Three sub groups were created: home farming, diagnostic kitchen and food creation. 

There’s a 9-plus-minute conceptual video from Philips. It gets really good around 4 minutes 40 seconds  in, when, set dramatically to Gershwin, diagrams show how we could one day have an interactive food device, a sort of food printer, that would allow us to input ingredients and select meals based on nutritional value as well as taste. High concept? Yes. But it’s kinda fun to imagine your food processor as a sort of computer that’d help you eat better. 

Home farming

Diagnostic kitchen

Food creation

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