By now we know sipping a robust Cabernet Sauvignon out of a small-mouthed glass, or Sauvignon Blanc out of a wide, oxidization-inducing one, makes for an appalling dinner party faux pas—at least to wine aficionados.

Here’s another worthy reason to geek out: the new Château Baccarat Collection.

French crystal bigwig Baccarat has dreamed up a number of revolutionary features for the luxe glassware that is meant to heighten an evening drinking session— a rounded concave bottom that prevents alcohol from rising when swirling, a closed angle that allows subtle aromas to fill the glass, and a lip-comfy vertical chimney that amplifies the wine’s complexity.

But, we’re most impressed by Château Baccarat’s subtle elegance. The flat-bottomed red wine glasses resemble miniature decanters, and the flutes are all no-swirl slender sophistication. For a more casual evening, keep the vase-like decanter in the cabinet and “rough it” with the voluptuous matching tumblers.

Wine glasses or flute, $85; tumblers, $70; and decanter, $495; available at Baccarat boutiques or 800-777-0100