The Mean Green Avocado Smoothie

I saw someone in the office elevator drinking a Shamrock Shake for breakfast. While that's empowering for the lucky slurper and all, I couldn't help thinking about a green shake that's actually delicious and works just as well for breakfast and lunch. With all due respect to seasonally appropriate green food coloring, half an avocado will turn your smoothie green and delicious. And no, it doesn't taste like you're drinking guac.

Places where one's first impression of an avocado smoothie is "yum!" and not "what?" include Vietnam and the Phillippines, where avocados are used in desserts. And why not? They're rich and creamy without the lingering heaviness of butter. As a matter of fact, trái bơ, Vietnamese for avocado, translates to "fruit butter," being the French-Vietnamese pronounciation of "beurre." Blended with sweetened condensed milk and ice, this smooth treat will make you an instant believer, especially with the addition of a little chocolate syrup. In the spirit of lunchtime, however, let me suggest something a little more substantial. Wow, I sound like my mom.

Rather than sweetened condensed milk, blend your avocado with plain lowfat yogurt, the juice of half a lemon (made incredibly easy with this Krups citrus juicer we're currently giving away), a squeeze of honey or agave nectar and whichever other fruits and vegetables find their way in there (strawberries, peaches and melon all work well). There's no better way to celebrate this most uncommon of 70-degree March days than with a rich, healthy smoothie. And there I was, being wary of those stupid Ides.