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Everybody’s favorite holiday (hello sarcasm) is creeping up on us once again, and soon enough we’ll all be seeing green, literally. Although the thought of green food sounds like a gut-wrenching idea anytime other than the third week of March, it suddenly becomes perfectly normal and festive to turn all our food — from bagels to beer  — green during the month of March. Throw your leprechaun hats on, and try these green favorites but beware of how much green beer you consume – no one wants green aftermath.

Personally, I’m sticking to falafel  and avocado smoothies — they are green aren’t they!

Homemade green pancakes

Green bagels are a St. Patrick’s Day treat from Zabar’s

Green beer on tap at every Irish Pub (or have some with your breakfast)

Green pizza should keep you satisfied

  • When consuming an absurd amount of beer throughout the day, a big breakfast is probably a good idea. Kickstart the day by adding a couple drops of green food coloring to the perfect pancakes, and voilà: green pancakes. 
  • Grab a few absorbant green bagels from NYC favorite Zabar’s to go with those pancakes, and your stomach will be thanking you later. 
  • Keep that green food coloring close by as a couple drops in your beer will do the trick. Green beer will also be on tap at every Irish Pub in town. Since it is St. Patty’s Day and all, it’s perfectly acceptable to sub out milk for beer during breakfast. (Don’t judge us, but we actually think beer/breakfast is a great combo all year long.)
  • After a pint or two, or 10 of green beer you’ll probably start to get hungry. Stick with the theme, and get your hands on some green pizza. Pizza Persona in Chicago makes a green pie we can vouch for.

That should give you a green food fix till next St. Patrick’s Day! No more freakishly green food till then, we promise.