Eat Outstanding In The Field

The time has finally come again for slow food enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the farm-to-table movement at its finest. Outstanding In the Field is a nationwide series of dinners hosted by favorite local chefs, enjoyed in a natural, historic or other best possible setting for celebrating the bounty of the host city's regional farms. Food Republic has even been to one right in our neck of the woods (literally), The only downside: tickets sell out fast. And we mean fast. So when they go on sale next week, act accordingly.

Head to their events page for information on when OITF is heading to a large or small town near you, and prepare to ogle your surroundings, the expertly prepared cuisine and your favorite celebrity chefs, in that order.

Still not convinced? Read more about this 14-year-old tradition of culinary excellence — those on a first-name basis just call it "Outstanding" — and prepare to justify a delightfully hefty price tag.