10 Mexican Brunch Ideas

One of our favorite things about Mexican food, besides being delicious, is that it leaves us filled and satisfied. It's the perfect cuisine for an empty stomach. Which got us thinking about the virtues of that unheralded culinary tradition: Mexican brunch. And we're not talking about cheap nachos and sangria. We rounded up 10 of our favorite authentic Mexican recipes perfect to spice up your brunch.

  1. There's nothing like Mexican hot chocolate to make even the coldest day feel warm and toasty. And even on a hot summer day we wouldn't dream of starting our Mexican brunch without some hot chocolate. If you need an extra kick, just add some cocoa and Kahlua.
  2. Fonda chef Roberto Santibañez shared this migas recipe with us and now we can't get enough. The Serrano chili is really the key ingredient, and lovers of spicy egg dishes will not be disappointed.
  3. Perhaps one of the most famous Mexican dishes, huevos rancheros, are a staple of any Mexican breakfast. It's a classic for good reason.
  4. In an interview with Food Republic, Santibañez told us that the most important part of the enchilada is the sauce. After we tried his spinach and mushroom enchiladas we couldn't agree more. The tomato salsa with chipotle and habenero chiles is Mexican brunch at its finest.
  5. We've been fans of taquitos for awhile but our love quadrupled when we discovered bacon taquitos. Bacon: it really does make everything taste better.

  6. Enchiladas suizas (Swiss, as in the cheese) are a staple of any Mexican establishment. And why not? Who doesn't love chicken enchiladas topped with cheese, onions and cilantro.
  7. And for something a little different, how about crêpes? Indeed, this is quite a popular dish in Mexico since the 19th century, when the French forces did battle there. The French army got crushed, but at least it allowed Mexico to discover the joys of the crêpes.
  8. Most Mexican dishes taste even better with salsa verde so you're going to want to make a generous portion.
  9. We've even got you covered for homemade Mexican chips. Trust us, after you try these you're going to turn your back on Tostitos forever.
  10. Lastly, what Mexican brunch would be complete without a Michelada, otherwise known as Bloody Maria?