Ornare Satyrium Kitchen

When Ornare started renovating its showroom in Miami's Design District a few years back, interiors junkies wondered what, besides über-high-end, extremely customizable closet systems, the Brazilian design company might have up its sleeves for the American market. Turns out the brand's new game was kitchens.

The Satyrium Line Kitchen has been its best seller, a minimalist's dream with recycled wood-look finish and lights that are built into its modules and components. As with Ornare's closets and bathrooms, you won't find ordinary handles in the Satyrium kitchen; instead, the customizable cabinets and drawers are available in a variety of materials and concepts.

Ornare is giving the European designer kitchen a run for its euros.

A darker take on the Satyrium line kitchen by the Brazilian design brand Ornare.

The Satyrium line is customizable, so a home cook can choose the look and feel of the kitchen.

Prices available on request, ornare.com