Kate Upton Eats A Burger [Director's Cut]

Oh, Carl's Jr. You and your clever-ish male-oriented advertising campaigns. Miss Turkey selling turkey burgers? Oh yes you did. You've done it again with au courant teenage pinup Kate Upton stripping down in the back of a car while a tarted-up version of "Some Like It Hot" plays. "Kate Upton truly is one of the most beautiful women in the world, yet she has a great, all-American look, so she was a natural fit for our advertising campaign about a spiced-up version of a classic American burger," Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl's Jr., tells Restaurant Magazine about his Southwest Patty Melt advert. All-American girl sells All-American fast food. Git it! We now forgive you for that terribly awkward Paris Hilton spot a few years back.