It’s been yet another great week at Food Republic HQ. Mardi Gras happened. The Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings happened. Marcel Vigneron stopped by. We dig the new haircut. And we learned how to make ginger beer from scratch. Makes for a killer dark and stormy. For real, Marcel, love the hair. With that, here are our top 10 stories of the week:

1. A Question For Vegans: Why No Cheese?
2. Food Republic Coffee Power Rankings
3. Has Food Worship Jumped The Shark?
4. 20 Things You Must Eat In Hanoi
5. Tribute: L.A. Food Writer Jonathan Gold
6. Tested: Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Machine
7. How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home
8. Nashville: Arnold Myint’s House Salad
9. There’s A ‘Hunger Games’ Cookbook? Yes!
10. Gluten-Free Pizza Is Not OK, Except…