Feasting And Drinking All-Star Style

Let's say you find the Oscars boring, long-winded and painful to sit through (and that's just the opening monologue). Lucky for you the NBA almost went on strike, shuffling its schedule and somehow landing the All-Star game in a competing time slot with the Academy Awards. Finally, freedom of choice.

The NBA's best storyline took an unfortunate detour last night when Jeremy Lin got, let's face it, Lincinerated by LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Still, expect Lin to be the focal point of the Rising Stars Challenge. Not to mention the source of a million more Lin puns, and the inspiration for Jimmy Fallon's pretty brilliant Pearl Jam parody last night (which is even more amazing when you think that The Roots were likely executing the grunge classic behind him).

As for the All-Star weekend action, last year's Slam Dunk contest is going to be hard to top. Blake Griffin dunked over a car. A Kia, but a car nonetheless. Our friends at Southern Hospitality graciously introduced us to the slam drunk vodka cocktail to celebrate the end of the aforementioned lockout; now's a perfect time to become reacquainted. Since this year's contest brings in a new format and fan voting from Twitter don't be shocked if Justin Bieber emerges victorious. (Still, it's too bad that Iman Shumpert didn't get to jump over a couch, as was his planned tribute to Linsanity.)

For the big game on Sunday we're not taking any sides in East versus the West, because well, who cares? Though we're certainly pulling for East Reserve and future chef Andre Iguodala. We wish all professional athletes had such culinary proclivity. And unlike Charles Barkley, we're not beholden to Weight Watchers, so while others carefully plan out their Oscars menus (which, um, we'll do too—check back later!), we'll be setting out a sports-worthy feast that will no doubt include some or all of the following: