Happy National Margarita Day!

Ah, the margarita. Spanish for daisy. English for "tequila-drinking enabler." Even those who shy away at the thought of sprinkling salt on the back of their freshly-licked hand gratefully accept a nice frothy margarita. What's that you say, frothy margarita? You need an arbitrary food holiday? Why do popcorn, PB&J and sausage pizza all get a day but you don't? Let's see...hey, February 21st is free! And it's a Wednesday! Tequila Tuesday would make more sense, but alliteration never got anyone dancing on a table now, did it?

Make the most of this year's National Margarita Day, because a. it's 2012 and there may not be another, b. tequila has the vitamins and minerals you need to make it through February and c. margaritas are tasty as hell. Below is all the information you'll need to celebrate right.