Our 10 Most Popular Stories This Week

It's been a great week at Food Republic HQ. We have caught Linsanity like everybody else and learned how to hard-boil a quail egg. Enough said. We also spent time in our test kitchen shooting a caserole of Brussels sprouts. Behold, out top 10 stories of the week:

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2. Who Should Pay On The First Date?

3. Revealed: 7 Secrets About Baking Powder

4. Video: How To Hard-Boil Quail Eggs

5. Photos: Animal Takes Over Our Instagram

6. The 10 Best Things I Ate In Sydney

7. Top 5 Barley Wines For Winter

8. 5 Restaurants To Visit In Amsterdam

9. Where The Jeremy Lin Viewing Party At?

10. Photo Gallery: 8 Pac Man-Inspired Dishes