Word Of The Day: Biopreservation

Ever wonder how planes stay up in the air? Or if there's life on other planets? How about why canned food doesn't spoil? Hey, there's one we can answer — you can thank biopreservation for that can of tuna. Mind you, it's not just preservation. "Bio" means "life."

Biopresevation is a method of manipulating microbial organisms like bacteria in food's favor. While plenty of bacteria exist solely to decompose that food, lactic acid bateria in a controlled environment like a sealed, sterilized can actually produce an antimicrobial effect that keeps food safe and preserved. Fermentation is one example of this effect, but even if the bacteria in question doesn't ferment for a living, it's still harmless to humans, surviving off any potential spoilage happening inside that can. Make sense? Great, now let's tackle how planes stay up in the air.

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