Photo Gallery: 8 Pac Man-Inspired Dishes

I need a clear-cut answer here: should we play with our food or not? Is it just little kids who aren't supposed to bite eyes and a smiley face into folded bologna slices or see how many parts of the face you can fit a string cheese into? How do we feel about spelling what we now know how to spell with alphabet soup? When was the last time you ate alphabet soup or a slice of bologna, anyway? Probably during your Pac Man days. Or last week, whatever.

Hey, speaking of Pac Man, did you know people on Flickr are pretty into photographing the classic scene of yellow wheel of cheese vs. paper lunch sack or whatever Pac Man and his nemeses are supposed to be? Cherries, oranges, strawberries and even the occasional pretzel make their way into the experience, so it's only natural that food be used to revive this classic video game at every chance. Question answered: play with your food.