Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

This week has been particularly crazy. They say February is slow in the media world. Uh, hell no. You can check our Instagram if you need evidence. And, really, we'd have it no other way. We caught up with Parisian chef—and dedicated Rick Ross fan—Daniel Rose while Sean Brock told us how to make vinegar from PBR.

On the Valentine's Day front, we compiled 18 gifts for the food freak in your life while our columnist proclaimed his love for the holiday. Who likes Valentine's Day, really? Jason Kessler, apparently. And, boy are we in the mood for some East Carolina barbecue. Here are our top 12 stories of the week.

1. A Year Of Barbecue: Eastern Carolina

2. It's Spring Time In Paris for Daniel Rose

3. Recipe: Bryan Voltaggio's Mock Oyster

4. Hobart: Eat, Drink And Go To The Museum

5. Bangkok: 6 Restaurants To Visit Right Now

6. Top 10 Hot Spots In (Sunny) San Diego

7. Kirk Miller Eats Fried Chicken in a Suit

8. Making the Case for Slow Wines

9. Recipe: Moussaka

10. Eating At Bar Bambino Is A Trip

11. Video: Sydney's Momofuku Seiōbo

12. Photo Gallery: 5 Obama Dinner Menus