Video: Pat LaFrieda's Steaks 101

When New York City meat seller Pat LaFrieda and Zero Point Zero Production—better known as the team behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations—joined forces to create an iPad app, nobody was fucking around. "It was two 16-hour days of sawing, and that was just the beef," says LaFrieda by phone on his rare day off. Read the full interview.

The result is Pat LaFrieda's Big App For Meat ($6.99), an absolutely packed resource featuring descriptions and photos of over 200 different cuts, a quiz to test your butchering knowledge and 50 minutes of instructional videos from Pat himself. ZPZ was cool enough to send us with this video that has Pat talking about the porterhouse, filet mignon and the widely underrated outside skirt steak. We'll have more from LaFrieda later this afternoon, but enjoy this video. Happy grilling. (You're going to want to grill tonight.)